WSN Endorses Angie Aragon for USPA Special Election

We are delighted to announce that the Women’s Skydiving Network endorses Angie Aragon as USPA National Director in the upcoming Special Election. 

The election is scheduled to take place in June 2023. 

In her 17 years as a skydiver and 13 years a professional skydiving instructor, Angie has demonstrated the values of our organization. She has repeatedly broken the glass ceiling within our sport and has inspired women to pursue positions of leadership through career paths which were previously thought to be mostly suited to men. She has been a role model and mentor to the women of our sport and we are committed to helping elevate her to a seat in the USPA Board of Directors. 

A message from Angie:

My name is Angie Aragon and I am running for National Director for the USPA. 

I have been a USPA Member and skydiver since 2006, have been working professionally as an AFFI, TI, Videographer & Coach since 2010 and as a traveling Instructor Examiner since 2017. 

Most (if not all) conversations that I have on a daily basis are with instructors/coaches, course candidates, or dropzone managers/owners which gives me a unique perspective. My travel and work at USPA Group Member and Foreign Affiliate Dropzones, both large and small, has allowed me to have exposure to all types of different industry environments. I have always found this to be a strength in teaching new candidates and I now believe that same truth will apply to being on the Board of Directors.

My area of expertise and contribution to the USPA Board of Directors will come from my solid understanding of our manuals, safety and training standards, and relationships with USPA group members. Being bilingual in English and Spanish will also help communicate with our Spanish-speaking members. 

I plan to provide an opportunity for our rating holders and other members to contribute to policy by opening up lines of communication with me via zoom discussions, surveys and polls prior to any BOD meetings. 

I believe that I have a lot to contribute to the USPA. I ask with humility and passion, give me the opportunity to make a positive influence within our ever-changing skydiving organization.

Click here for a short video: Angie Aragon – USPA

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