The Start of Her Journey: Megan Li

We love hearing our Skysister’s Skydiving Journeys. This month we put the spotlight on Megan Li! 

Megan is a woman of many talents – she is an optometrist, violinist and occasional roller skater. Megan has just over 550 jumps and jumps at Skydive the Farm in Atlanta. Right now, she is focusing on angles, WS and freeflying! Megan has had a great journey in her skydiving career and shares some advice to newby skydivers. 

How did you get into the sport? 

My sister had already been a skydiver for a few years and finally convinced me to do a tandem. I never understood her obsession with skydiving until I did that first jump. That’s when everything changed! I booked onto a course straight after this. 

What has your progression been like? 

My progression has been super slow. I started skydiving during undergrad and continued during grad school. Needless to say, the lack of money and time made it hard for me to progress in skydiving. It was really difficult not to compare myself to everyone else’s progression. I had to keep reminding myself that my focus should be on my career and during this time that skydiving was my hobby. 

How do you stay inspired and passionate? 

I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by friends in the sport who are not only great flyers but positive influences in my life. Being able to jump with highly skilled jumpers inspires me to continue improving. I also enjoy jumping with newer jumpers as this keeps me motivated to share my love of the sport. 

Have you had any challenges along the way? What is your advice to new skydivers? 

I think it’s really easy to feel discouraged. Especially as a woman. I think we tend to be harder on ourselves. There was a point in time where I felt like I had plateaued in my skills and skydiving stopped being fun. It’s good to remember not to take yourself too seriously and always have fun! 

What are your future aims and goals? 

Right now I’m hoping to hit the wingsuit tunnel in Stockholm sometime soon and really solidify my skills to be able to do big flocks and XRW!

Outside of Skydiving Megan also plays the violin semi-professionally. This is a photo of her 5th year playing at TSK (the Ranch). 

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